Molly Soda (U.S.)

Error 5003 (2019)

Two-channel video installation

Error 5003 is a two-channel video conversation between two people experiencing technical difficulties. The dialogue is comprised completely from archived tweets after Hulu, a popular streaming service temporarily went down. The videos loop endlessly, showing video chat glitches and unstable connection between the two talking heads.


Molly Soda is a visual artist working in video, installation, interactive art, performance and print media. Her work is often hosted online, specifically on social media platforms, allowing the work to evolve and interact with the platforms themselves. Soda engages with questions of revisiting one’s own virtual legacy, how we present ourselves and perform for imagined others online and how the ever shifting nature of our digital space affects our memories and self-concept.


Courtesy the Artist, Error 5003 (2019), film still
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