Alexandros Tzannis (GR)

Words on a Self-mirroring Sink (2020)

Iron, resin, fabrics, rope, hooks, paper, butterflies, needles and human hair, dimensions 170 x 69

The work explores the parallel conditions of submersion and reflection. The two iron frames, similar in size to a human, have surfaces coated with black coloured resin which prevents the viewer from defining their exact depth. In the first piece, a bed of clothes creates intense folds, turmoils on a rough dark surface, which hooks and iron ropes hold steady to the ground. In the second one, a black mirror-like surface, appearing hollow from a distance, reveals a checkered, post-it composition with a closer look. Real butterflies, placed on the post-it papers, act as poetic leftovers from nature or real life, reminiscing at the same time an instagramic imagery. Concealed in its black mirror, the piece resembles the cell phone screen. 


Alexandros Tzannis (Athens, 1979) lives and works in Athens. He has graduated from Athens School of Fine Arts and the Academie der Binderkunst in Vienna. He also has an MFA from Goldsmiths College of Arts, London. His work has been presented at the Lulea Biennale (2018), Kadist, Paris (2017), State of Concept, Athens (2017), Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2012) and Athens Biennale (2009) amongst others. For the last decade, Tzannis has been working in sculpture and drawing, using several different materials. His work combines figurative and abstract elements, symbolic characteristics, decorative and allegorical connotations.


Courtesy the Artist, Words on a Self-mirroring Sink (2020), Detail
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