Heath Bunting & Kayle Brandon (UK)

Sponsored Influenza Pandemic Evacuation Rehearsal – SIPER (2005)

Manual, Documentation, Report

A summer camp for survivalists.12-19 September 2005. The next influenza pandemic is long overdue and expected to kill at least 1 billion people worldwide in 12 months. The survival of urban dwellers can be assisted by a 1 month evacuation to the country.


Artists Kayle Brandon and Heath Bunting formed the DUO collective in 2002 and termed it a dyadic cyclone. They pursued experiences that embodied interests in adventure, survival, play and self guided exploration. Out of their direct action experiences, the Duo often created participatory events, slideshows, posters, and publications serving as functional guides to serve others in their doing. Both were members of the international collective irational.org and as Irationalists, create work that pushes the boundaries between the realms of business, art and sciences.


Courtesy the Artists, SIPER (2005)
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