Jono Boyle (UK)

Finally A Fucking Profile Photo I Actually Like (2020)

Cut vinyl

The work uses humour and ambiguity alluding to a digital file name, the dashes between the words implying that it is the file name generated when ‘saving for web’ in Photoshop. In the context of the exhibition, this obviously implies that it was generated before the ‘end of the internet’, maybe even the night before, and is now worthless.  


Jono Boyle’s practice is a hybrid of appropriated imagery, collected memorabilia, song lyrics and other pop-culture debris. He photographs, copies, scans and manipulates these, repositioning them in playful and provocative ways to create a new set of meanings. Most of the work is derived from a collage process, exploring the interplay between the apparently disparate sources. This results often in work that is without any overt message, but instead, invites the viewer to make their own associations.  


Finally A Fucking Profile Photo I Actually Like (2020), Exhibition View, Romantso, Athens
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