George Moraitis (GR)

Diagramm (2020)

Materials: Mixed Media, Aluminium, Dimensions: 100 x 80

In Diagramm, George Moraitis is using language and notation as a kind of programmable system capable of being encoded and decoded as rhythmic pulses of information.


George Moraitis was born in 1989. He lives and works in Athens. He has participated in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He uses different practices (sculpture, robotics and interactive installations, participatory actions, happenings in public spaces, drawing, texts, etc.). In order to explore the boundaries of the creative, research and philosophical process, through sound as well as a wide range of media, he configures sound-iconoclastic situations as a mixture of peculiarities of perception, technology and materials. His great interest in sound focuses on his involvement with acoustic and psychoacoustic themes as well as themes related to the body, sculpture, video and a set of other themes related to the modern trends of science, which construct a contemporary dialogue in visual arts.


Courtesy the Artist, Diagramm (2020)
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