Manos Saklas (GR)

Cloudstruktura (2020)

Installation, Prints

Cloudstruktura is an attempt to bring digital world’ s heavy network infrastructures in the forefront. Data Centres are not only the brains of tech companies, but the cathedrals of all information technology. Via Google street-view app, we can virtually discover a D.C. or actually surveil one, wandering around the enormous white rooms filled with servers or closely examine their surrounding objects. By fragmentally exhibiting image captures of the ventilation system which operates as the integral organ of that information bunker we never get to see or hear, Cloudstruktura questions the false impression of the ethereal aspect of data and it’ s antiseptic, clean-cut misconception. Although Street View is a soundless application, we virtually pass by “extreme loudness” safety signs and numerous boxes filled with earplugs, hence focusing on the muted sonic dimension of a 24/7 working territory which is normally occupied by continuous ear-splitting noise, through its penetrating presence, a human body can feel the tangibility of data, the energy consumption and the environmental impact these infrastructures have.


Manos Saklas is an artist working across installations, electroacoustic music composition, performance and radio productions. His installations incorporate multichannel audio, sculpture and prints, emphasizing on the aesthetic aspects of resonance, time and listening as a perceptual and linguistic process. His compositions, often accompanied by visual media and writings, utilize post-war compositional developments and algorithmic synthesis software, focusing on generative aesthetics, psychoacoustics and sound art. He has presented his work in various exhibitions and festivals supported by foundations like Onassis Cultural Center, Contemporary Music Research Center, Athens Conservatoire, A.S.F.A etc. as well as in independently organised music concerts & exhibitions.


Courtesy the Artist, Cloudstruktura (2020)
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